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Ardleigh Elliot Collectibles

Ardleigh Elliott Collectibles

Ardleigh Elliott

Ardleigh Elliott has the perfect collectibles, whether it' for birthdays, holidays, Father's Day, Mother's Day, weddings, Valentine's Day, or a timely sympathy gift. The chances are that you know someone who is about to walk down the isle in blissful matrimony. Why not surprise them with the perfect wedding present from Ardleigh Elliott? You should also consider giving the Thomas Kinkade Lamplight Lane Stained Glass Wall Décor Art as the perfect gift form Ardleigh Elliot. This is a first-of-a-kind collectible that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Collectors find the Plush "Boyds" Bears of Ardleigh Elliot to be simply adorable. This is skilled craftsmanship at it best, and features soft fur and button eyes that are fully expressive. The "Seaman Bearsly" wears a naval uniform that is authentically detailed in navy blue and white trim. You can also pose these plush teddy bears to display them in lots of fun and creative ways.

Check out the Hamilton Collectibles of Ardleigh Elliott! You'll be on constant "Red Alert" with the limited-edition 40th Anniversary STAR TREK figurine. This is a beautifully hand crafted work of art featuring the U.S.S. Enterprise and its nemesis: the Klingon ship. If you're a Star Trek fan, this collectible is a must have addition. These wonderfully hand crafted figurines of Ardleigh Elliott capture the fierce drama of the legendary battles of the Federation and Klingon Empires—and serves as a tribute to over 40 years of Star Trek entertainment. Remember, the edition is limited to 95 casting days, so you'll want to place an order at Ardleigh Elliott as soon as possible.

Ardleigh Elliott also features the work of acclaimed artist Steve Kehrli. "The Path of The Wolf Peace Pipe is an amazing artifact in the collection, and Ardleigh Elliott presents the first limited-edtion replica of this ceremonial pipe. The peacepipe was believed to embody the very power of truth, and once embraced, the owner could speak with absolute authority. This marvelous pipe is hand-painted with deep earth tones—and bears the image of the mighty wolf. Standing 8 inches high on tripods, this can easily be a major showpiece in any setting.

Ardleigh Elliott is also proud to present the power and mysticism of the four winds in the beautiful Native American style replica windcatcher by Steve Kehrli. In the center of the striking piece is a majestic bald eagle; and the ancient chimes respond to the subtlest of nature's breezes. Additionally, lavish beads and feathers adorn this unique spiritual presentation.

The collectibles of Ardleigh Elliott are amazing to say the least! You're sure to find the most beautiful works of art anywhere at Ardleigh Elliott.