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The Ashton Drake Galleries

The Ashton Drake Galleries

The Ashton Drake

The Ashton Drake Galleries offer a wide variety of collectibles and artwork. The Ashton Drake Galleries celebrates the miracle of life with an amazing and exclusive collection of the Ashton Drake Galleries—lifelike baby girl dolls. The Celebration of Life "Emmy" doll is an amazing 10" long, and fits snuggly in the palm of the hand. She looks real—with vinyl skin, micro rooted hair beautifully hand-painted toenails and fingernails. For the collector, this means hour and hours of cuddle time.

The doll, featured at the Ashton Drake Galleries, is sculptured by master doll artist Linda Webb, and for mothers and collectors alike, this excellent piece graces any collection. "Emmy" is dressed in a pink-footed sleeper, complimented by a white baby sweater trimmed with ribbon roses. You also get a free tiny pink pacifier and a certificate of authenticity with your purchase; which are compliments of the Ashton Drake Galleries.

The Ashton Drake Galleries is also proud to present "Jasmine", the First African American baby girl doll to be created. Master doll artist Waltraud Hanl, gives little "Jasmine" a life-like looks that is truly amazing. Touching her is a delight for the collector. She's dressed in a cozy red-footed sleeper paired with a white baby sweater. Vinyl skin and a baby-soft body that can pose in almost any position, create strong demand among the many doll collectors that visit the Ashton Drake Galleries. Every feature of this loving doll has been perfectly captured, from her real touch and softly curled micro-rooted hair, to her soft life-like eyelashes.

The Ashton Drake Galleries also offers nature and wildlife collectibles. With majestic heads lowered and magnificent antlers entangled, two bucks engage in a duel for territorial supremacy in the forest. This spectacular deer figurine from the Bradford Exchange, and exclusively available from the Ashton Drake Galleries, is impressive to say the least. This figurine is nearly 2 feet long, and will bring beauty and vitality to any room setting. Visit the Ashton Drake Galleries today and be amazed at the offerings.

The Ashton Drake Galleries offers the perfect gift for mom in the "Beacon of Hope Pendant" by Thomas Kinkade. This is a handsome handcrafted sterling silver lighthouse sculpted in a heart shape. There are four single cut hand-set diamonds that compliment this beautiful work of art. One can only imagine the effect of wearing such a piece close to the heart every day. When you purchase this masterpiece from the Ashton Drake Galleries, you can expect it to arrive in an elegant jeweler's presentation box along with a Certificate of Authenticity.