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Hawthorne Village

Hawthorne Village

Hawthorne Village

Hawthorne Village is just what the name implies—a warm and friendly place where some of the finest collectibles in the world are found. When McDonalds celebrated it's fiftieth anniversary, there's not one person that couldn't think back and remember their first Big-Mac! Hawthorne Village is proud to present the first-ever "On30 Scale McDonald's Electric Train". It'll be like walking down memory lane and seeing the Golden Arches for the first time again. You'll be delighted at the vintage ads and authentic detail too. Hawthorne Village will provide a Certificate of Authenticity that is hand-numbered so that you can proudly display it. This unique collectible is a must-have for anyone that's ever eaten a McDonald's Hamburger.

Just imagine taking a ride on the exclusive "Collectible Model Train" from the Hawthorne Village Collection. Hear the engine whistle as you gaze out at the majestic mountains in the background. The adventure can be yours, when you make "The Collectible Model Train" a part of your personal collection. Artist Al Agnew captures the true features of shimmering wolves that howl and break the deep silence of a crystal-clear winter night. This is a must-have collectible from Hawthorn Village that you can enjoy for many years to come.

With the holiday seasons just around the corner, it's not too early to plan ahead with the perfect holiday gift. "It's A Wonderful Life" is love by millions of people the world over, and this valued collectible form Hawthorne Village will bring heart-warming magic into everyone's home. Bedford Falls! Each building is a perfect replica, and perfectly captures the details everyone remembers. This holiday season, make your first stop Hawthorne Village.

Fly with the wind with the HO Scale Model train that features the artwork of Ted Blaylock. This beautiful train from the Hawthorne Village collection has lights that glow from within, and headlights that beam from the locomotive. The full color portraits of the eagles in flight is impressive—and will simply thrill the train enthusiast. The nickel silver tracks and power-pack are free, and will be shipped with the second and third train cars from Hawthorne Village.