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Thomas Kinkade Collectibles

Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade Collectibles

Thomas Kinkade Collectibles make the perfect gift no matter what the occasion or holiday season. The Thomas Kinkade "Visions of Faith Stained Glass Wall Cross" is a wonderful work of art, and includes two of Thomas Kinkade's chapel portraits, "Dogwood Chapel" and "Mountain Chapel". This masterpiece is presented within a custom wooden frame—and lighted from within. It bears a very comforting sentiment, "All things are possible with God". If you enjoy religious décor, this is the perfect gift from Thomas Kinkade Collectibles.

For those moments we wish time could stand still, Thomas Kinkade Collectibles presents the decorative art wall clock. This wonderful piece features four seasons painted in brilliant sunset skies and unforgettable moving colors. With this work of art, your home will remain forever bright as the wall clock lights up at the flick of a switch. And as the seasons march in step with the Universal Concourse, you can change the featured stained glass art. The Thomas Kinkade Collectibles Art Wall Clock comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Thomas Kinkade paints beautiful images of nature filled with the brilliance of light. Women will delight with a richly colored women's fashion tote bag and the inspirational words inscribed on it. Now, you can own it too. It comes with gold-tone accents, which gives it a look of both elegance and function. This is a must-have from the acclaimed Thomas Kinkade Collectibles.

With the Thomas Kinkade Collectibles "Light House Illuminated Lantern", it will be like taking a journey to a peaceful shore. Inside the glass, lies a beautiful hand-painted lighthouse that will warm any home setting. And the signature of Thomas Kinkade is reproduced in gleaming gold. Some things in life are simply worth having, and giving or receiving a gift from Thomas Kinkade Collectibles is something to be cherished for a lifetime.