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Whale & Friends Collectibles

Whale & Friends

Whale & Friends Collectibles

Whales & Friends Collectibles is every bit the success story that we all hear about on those special occasions. Whales & Friends Collectibles began as a home based–adventure in 1985 operating out of a basement. Today, Whales & Friends Collectibles does business out of a 27000 square foot facility employing at least 50 people. You expect the very finest in nature products available on the market. The workmanship of the figurines and artwork is first-class—with a wide variety of selections that include whales, wolves, dolphins, deer, lizards, birds, turtles, dogs, and many others.

Dolphin Gifts & Merchandise At Whales & Friends Collectibles, there's something for everyone including hats, jackets, home décor, clothing, prints, calendars, and bath. And at Whales & Friends Collectibles, you can expect standard shipping and charges. Another great thing to consider about shopping Whales & Friends Collectibles is the freshness of their stock. Whales & Friends Collectibles is a company that updates inventory on a regular basis.

Whales & Friends Collectibles offers a unique variety of timeless jewelry. With the 14K Gold & Sterling Silver Animal and Nature Jewelry erring, ring, or bracelet—you'll be able to give the perfect gift. Each piece is hand-crafted to capture nature's beauty.

Whales & Friends Collectibles also include a collection of wolf-inspired products. You can select from a wide variety of t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and tips to brighten up your wardrobe. Buy an exclusive wolf mug and enjoy your morning coffee. Or, you can display your affection for nature's majestic animals with wolf necklaces, earrings, watches, rings and more.

If you're unhappy with a purchase from Whales & Friends Collectibles—you can expect a money back guarantee. Make it a point to browse the huge selection of Whales & Friends Collectibles today.